The goal of the EAF is to fund third parties (semi-state governmental organisations e.g. National Parks, and non-governmental organisations) to buy or lease important natural sites, or purchase concessions, as a means of securing biodiversity and landscape protection in order to contribute to the Pan European Ecological Network. Annual Reports

Type of project

The projects which are supported are those which:

  • are site based,
  • prevent irreparable loss of natural values in the sites,
  • are sustainable,
  • protect the areas in the medium and long term,
  • preferably, affect an area larger than the area under immediate consideration,
  • have demonstration potential.
  • the area is part of a larger, protected area
  • land purchase prices are preferably less than €500/ha

The actions to be undertaken must:

  • acquire natural sites greater than 100 ha (preferably around 500 ha) by purchase or long-term lease (i.e. at least 30 years)
  • in exceptional circumstances, additional to the purchase a small part of the budget could be used for immediate and urgent measures for the protection, restoration and management of natural sites.

Therefore, in order to qualify for support, land purchased with the support of the EAF must become inalienable and receive maximal protection, including the implementation of a management plan, executed in co-operation with the local organisation and one of the EAF Partners.

Please note: Since 2005 the fund is not any more able to support projects in countries where land purchase/lease is not possible and projects meant for land management.

How will the projects be selected ?

The following criteria will be considered:

  • International conservation importance of the area, in particular within the framework of the European Ecological Network.
  • Ecological vulnerability of the area.
  • Lack of activities will cause immediate threat to the area and its biodiversity.
  • Actions must provide an effective solution and must have either a long term impact or a wide range spin-off.
  • Actions must be cost-effective.

Time restrictions for actions

The proposed action should, normally, be completed within one year after which a full report is required.

Priority habitats and sites

Actions are limited to the most vital and threatened habitats of the European Ecological Network. Wetland, coastal and species rich grassland habitats are given the highest priority. Other habitats, which are key corridors or stepping stones in the Network, are also considered.

Eligible countries

Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Byelorussia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, FYR Macedonia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Turkey, and Ukraine.



Financial malpractice

EAF Board herewith informs you, with great regret, about financial malpractice of the Romanian non-profit environmental association The Ecologist Youth of Romania (TER) and its president Mr. Bogdan Paranici. EAF gave in year 2002 a grant to TER for the implementation of a project on land purchase and urgent management measures for the preservation of grassland biodiversity in the area of Dornelor-Tihuta, Eastern Carpathians. An advance payment of 45.600,- euro was transferred to TER in April 2003. The project has not been implemented and all efforts of the EAF to get the money back have been without result.