The EECONET Action Fund (EAF) operates as an independent fund for urgent conservation actions under the umbrella of NatureNet Europe. It is a joint fund of the Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC), EUROSITE (European union of site management organisations), Euronatur (European Natural Heritage Fund) and the ECNC (European Centre for Nature Conservation). The EAF is governed by a Board consisting of board members representing EUCC, EUROSITE, Euronatur, ECNC and an independent President. Since 1995, the EAF Secretariat is hosted and supported by the Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) in Leiden, the Netherlands.

The Board of Directors are:
President: Mr. Wolfgang Fremuth (Frankfurt Zool. Soc.)
Vice-president: Mr. Feiko Prins (Eurosite)
Secretary: Drs. Albert Salman (EUCC)
Treasurer: Mr. Gabriel Schwaderer (Euronature)
Member: Mr. Rob Wolters (ECNC)
Secretariat: Dr Alan Pickaver
  Ms Daniela van Elburg
Observers: Mr. Marc Hoogeslag (NC-IUCN)

P.O. Box 11232 , 2301 EE Leiden, The Netherlands
Tel. +31.71.5122900
Fax +31.71.5124069
Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC)
P.O. Box 11232 , 2301 EE Leiden, The Netherlands
Tel. +31.71.5122900
Fax +31.71.5124069

European Natural Heritage Fund (EURONATURE)
Konstanzer Straße 22
D-78315 Radolfzell
Tel. +49.7732.92720
Fax +49.7732.927222
European Network of Site Management Organisations (EUROSITE)
Luijbenstraat 3
5211 BR ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Tel. +73 612 9222
Fax +73 614 5544

European Centre for Nature Conservation - ECNC
PO Box 90154, 5000 LG Tilburg, The Netherlands
Tel. + 31 13 5944944
Fax +31 13 5944945